A fugitive slavery advertisement is something that I never knew had existed.  I found it pretty shocking to learn that these advertisements were made.  Slavery on its own is awful enough, but these advertisements are similar, in my opinion, to what people now make for their lost pets… minus the abuse.  So these people were looked at as less than animals.  As we learn about slavery,  I am still amazed that this type of behavior toward another person was completely acceptable at one point in time.  It’s very interesting to see how society, for the most part, has positively evolved over time.


One thought on “Runaway Advertisement

  1. I think what’s just as interesting, is the many avenues by which people justified slavery. One of the biggest differences, as I understand it, between slavery in most places of the world and the slavery that the early united states practiced was the idea of being a ‘slave for life’. I can’t begin to imagine how anyone could justify that!


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