Early Education

Lately we’ve been discussing education and how important it was to people when it was first being established.  I found an article that was describing education in the beginning stages and was a little surprised.  In the article I read,  they were explaining how they actually had children help teach the lessons.  They didn’t always have enough teachers so they would pick a group of children that they deemed as more responsible and had higher exam scores to help instruct.  They would pull them aside, go over the lesson with them, and then have them teach this lesson to the other children.  I don’t think this lasted for too long since the parents of the children teaching thought that they were losing out on a proper education.  I definitely think the education system has come a long way since the 1840’s.

Runaway Advertisement

A fugitive slavery advertisement is something that I never knew had existed.  I found it pretty shocking to learn that these advertisements were made.  Slavery on its own is awful enough, but these advertisements are similar, in my opinion, to what people now make for their lost pets… minus the abuse.  So these people were looked at as less than animals.  As we learn about slavery,  I am still amazed that this type of behavior toward another person was completely acceptable at one point in time.  It’s very interesting to see how society, for the most part, has positively evolved over time.

Great Awakening

Out of this weeks readings,  I found the article by Lambert about The Great Awakening to be most interesting.  As I said in my introduction post, I’ve never been too interested in history, so The Great Awakening is something I have heard about but never really learned about so this was a good opportunity for me.  I found it interesting because I had no idea that religion was something that was “advertised” as much as George Whitefield had made it.  I also thought it was a little strange that so many people listened and agreed with what he was preaching when he traveled to the colonies.  He seemed to create quite the following.  I’m not a person that usually discusses religion or takes an interest to religion topics but I did find it interesting that this revival for these groups led them to being able to stand up for themselves when it came to their government.  I think it helped give them a sense of power and confidence that maybe they didn’t have before.


I’ll start with a little bit of information on myself.  I am an athletic training major and I plan to go to physical therapy school after I graduate.  I’ll be honest, history has not always been a strong point for me, so I’ll definitely be learning a lot in this class.  I do think history is important in many aspects, not just US History, but any type of history.  Everyone has a different career path and it’s important to know the history behind what we plan to do in the future.  It gives us a better understanding of why we do what we do, or even why we don’t do certain things.  US History tells us a lot about where we come from and how beliefs and traditions have changed over time.